Tour de Nebraska – a 5-day bicycle adventure tour of beautiful, rural Nebraska

Every June since 1988, we’ve led 200+ very lucky people on perhaps the most physical and mental adventure of their lives. We sag your gear, plot the most gorgeous route possible and take care of meal and camping arrangements. You are truly on your own—no schedules, no deadlines, no phones, and no kids (unless you want to bring them!). All you have to do is pedal and enjoy the scenery! Make Tour de Nebraska a part of your summer and join our growing family of friends.

Make Tour de Nebraska part of your summer!
– Susan and Rich Rodenburg (Elsie too), Organizers


Watch this from Lance’s Journal!

Two-wheel tourist: Five days on bike, humbled by state.  By Cindy Lange-Kubick, award-winning journalist and TDN veteran

Registration information available in December!

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6 thoughts on “Tour de Nebraska – a 5-day bicycle adventure tour of beautiful, rural Nebraska

  1. Comments on Facebook indicate the route is on here somewhere…..but if it is, I cannot find it. Where should I be looking?

  2. All you have to do is go to “This Year’s Tour” page or the Registration page and view the brochure.

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